I dedicate special attention and focus to curating the perfect style for my clients. My goal is to ensure that each client receives the exceptional experience and precisely the product they hired me for. If you are unfamiliar with my work, PLEASE go take a minute to look and make sure we are on the same page on all accounts (style, colors, editing, lifestyle posing, etc.).  I want us both to love your session and gallery, so it’s extremely important our visions align for that to be possible!  If my style is not what you are envisioning, please reach out and we can discuss further!  Get ready to collaborate on planning the minutest details with me, I’ve photographed hundreds of families, so I know what photographs best!  Rest assured, you’re in capable hands when it comes to styling options. I provide an extensive client wardrobe, complemented by a unique website named “Style & Select.” This platform aids in seamlessly piecing together, coordinating, and shopping for clothing items for the entire family. 

FAMILY Lifestyle Family Sessions!

“The purpose of this glorious life is not simply to endure it, but to soar, stumble and flourish as you learn to fall in love with existence.  We were born to live my dear, not merely exist.” 
– Becca Lee


  • 1 hour golden hour session
  • 60 + high resolution, artistically edited digital files with printing rights
  • Downloadable online gallery with ordering and sharing rights
  • Wardrobe and styling assistance
  • Hand scouted and selected locations
  • Copyright release for the entire gallery
  • Tax will be applied to the session amount
  • Travel is not included in base price and will be charged per hour of travel outside of the 85207 zip code area.  (See below for approximate location fees and additional options)
  • A deposit is required to hold your spot!  Final payment must be paid 1 week before the session.
  • This is for all types of lifestyle sessions, Family, Maternity, Motherhood, couples, etc.



There are SO MANY beautiful locations within a 30 mile radius of this area!  We will choose one together based off any requests you may have (mountains, water, desert) and your wardrobe/style and what will have the biggest impact and compliment the best!

**Note, Tonto passes and Lost Dutchman State Park passes are not included in my fees.  You must purchase these separately (at the location)!  They are approximately $10 per vehicle, however may fluctuate slightly depending on the season.


Here are some more options with the associated fees included!  

  • Yellow flowers/Broccoli Field (Buckeye)- ONLY available in February $150 fee (seasonal depending on weather)!
  • Sunflower field (Buckeye)- ONLY available September- October $150 fee (seasonal depending on weather)!

*Travel fee is always subject to change, Depending on current gas prices.

If you are wanting a session outside of my home base radius of Mesa, Arizona.  You MUST let me know BEFORE you book, as I will need to make other accommodations to make sure I can be out of town the day of your requested session!

  • Sedona sessions- Mon-Thursday ONLY $350-$400 travel fee (Seven Sacred Pools
  • Location specifically ONLY Mon – Wed due to parking)  
  • Sonoita-$300
  • Tucson area – $300-$400 (depending on actual location)
  • Prescott sessions- $350 travel fee                       
  • Flagstaff sessions- $350 travel fee ( January – May is winter/mud season,
  • PRIME time is June – October)       
  • Sand dunes- $600

**also available for out of state travel, at which time a travel estimate will be provided based off of flights and room/board.


**I do offer a handful of expedited sessions!  This will be first come, first serve basis!**

5 fully edited, high-resolution images I choose within 48 hours for $75.

Full gallery, fully edited, high resolution images expedited to be delivered within 1 week of session $300.

Gallery upgrades/additional images also available upon request.



Don’t want a full session?  This is the next best thing!  Essentially a full session, split between you and another family/couple/friend of your choosing!  Half of the session will be devoted to you, and half to them!  

*Due to the lifestyle, candid style of my photography, I do not offer mini sessions as I do not feel I can fully capture your families love and personalities in a mini-style session*

I do offer a handful of half-sessions yearly!  These MUST be booked in conjunction with another family/couple.  If two parties do not book, this will become a full-priced session.

What’s included:

  • Split a one hour session with your sister, cousin, parents, bestie, friend!  One other family/couple of your choosing to split the hour with!
  • One of you will be able to book the first 30 minutes and the other will book the last 30 minutes.  Or you can alternate turns throughout the hour if you have younger kiddos who need breaks!
  • Includes 40 professionally edited images for each half session.
  • Full styling consultation and access to the client closet. 

Storyteller Film Package

I have partnered with the very talented Sadi Vance to offer an even more incredible experience during your session! Lifestyle films…a 2-3 minute timeless highlight film, paired with beautiful licensed music is now available to add on to any lifestyle session! Enjoy a meaningful film that captures your family and encapsulates the very depth and essence of your family combined with your photo gallery! Please let me know at the time of booking if this is something you would like added on to your package! Film add-on is $500!

Once we have confirmed a mutually agreed upon date, I will put you in my booking system and an invoice will be emailed at that time!  Or if you use my booking calendar, this will happen automatically!  Once your deposit is paid, it confirms that all the above information is understood and accepted!  Reminder, if you want a session location outside of my radius, it must be approved by me BEFORE you book!  All sessions require a non-refundable deposit.  If the session needs to be postponed or rescheduled, and is done so within a reasonable time frame (at least a week prior to session date), the deposit can be applied towards a future session.  Rescheduled session must be booked within 6 months or original session date or deposit is forfeited.

All sessions include a pre-session questionnaire or email consultation to discuss your hopes, location, and wardrobe!  I will create three preliminary style vision boards through a styling website service which will link purchase capabilities if you would like to purchase any of the suggested items!  I also keep an up-to-date client closet to assist with any wardrobe pieces.  You will receive your styling link once your session is booked through deposit confirmation, and your questionnaire is completed!  If you are unfamiliar with my style, please take a moment to go check it out to make sure our visions align!

My way of photographing families is completely organic. Emotion is my one true guide. We all feel those moments. The way the smell of your newborn child blankets you in peace and tranquility. The captivating embrace from a toddler that begs of them to never let go. The glance of security and truth from your teenager, that gives you goosebumps because they are growing into so much more than you ever imagined. Not one human can deny those emotions. We all parent uniquely different, but we all feel love. Love is gifted to us all.

I will gently instruct and guide you through the entire session, while encouraging you to naturally interact and love on each other as you would if I wasn’t there. My passion is to capture the little moments, the big moments, and everything in between! We will play, we will cuddle, we will laugh and love…and I will be there to capture all the incredible memories for you! Your gallery will show the dynamics of your family, the soft and gentle connections, the fiery fun moments, the silly and craziness of it all! We will sprinkle in some classic posed images, individual images of each family member, sibling connections and the spark between couples! These emotive sessions, including their high resolution digital files are $795. It would be an honor to photograph you and deliver you a gallery that triggers a heartfelt reaction, tears of joy and happiness, sweet memories, and fleeting moments!

Perfection is not my goal. Real, raw, tangible moments are. My way of photographing families is completely organic. I’ve let go of putting all this energy into invoking generic smiles and prompted moments, and instead let the energy flow from the family. I simply want to capture the family as they are, as a whole. The emotion, the love, the connection that evolves from that…that’s what I’m there for. An unveiling of the truth, the love, the pure seduction of life that we love so intensely. The perfectly imperfect story of life.

With all that being said, and now that you know that emotion is my one true guide, let’s dive into pieces of a session that also influence me! Stories can not be told without light, location and wardrobe. I say that lightly, because I will ALWAYS take the shot if the moment demands it. I will not stop a beautiful story in its tracks because the lighting isn’t right, or the location is bland, or the wardrobes are distracting. The moment ALWAYS comes first. But when you can put ALL these pieces together, it becomes undeniably powerful. Your gallery will be full of these moments that tell the story of YOUR FAMILY, they will be high quality images…but that will not stop me from including honest moments that were captured with softer focus. Again, the moment will always trump perfection.

I am here to assist with your session from beginning to end! Since wardrobe can be such a huge stressor for the client in the preparation process, I provide each and every client with THREE wardrobe design options. Based on the information I’ve gathered about them and their style, I compile three different selections for them, at the very least for a starting point. I utilize the Style and Select website (a service that allows you to choose wardrobe items for the entire family + links the websites where the items can be purchased + creates a collage for them and sends it via email)!!! We will also work together to select a location that best suits your family! I spend extensive hours scouting special locations that are only available to my clients! Your session time will be during that magic golden hour (either sunrise or sunset), and will last approximately 1 hour!

Lastly, I want to leave you with this. As I mentioned in the beginning, I try to be as unobtrusive DURING the session as possible, I take great measure to make sure everyone is prepared on all accounts. From the moment some reaches out to me with a simple inquiry about a session, I want them to understand my style and what “perfect” means to me! Come to me with all your wild and crazy, all your toddlers bumps and bruises, all your babies snuggles, all your teens beauty and insecurities. Leave nothing out…leave the imperfections, leave the real and raw…leave those moments with me so this chapter in your life does not go unforgotten. The more prepared the ENTIRE family is for the type of session I offer, the more authentic it will be. I want to know your family and what your story of love is! My desire is to give you the opportunity to express that, and be your storyteller!

Your high resolution images will be delivered via Pixieset, in a downloadable digital gallery!  Gallery delivery time frame is 3-4 weeks.  I do not send “sneak peaks” as an effort to stay on task and deliver everyone’s gallery in a timely manner.  A store will be linked to your digital gallery where you can order beautiful prints and custom products from photography labs I have hand selected!  You will also receive a copyright release to print from any professional grade vendor!  While you have the copyright release, I do not back or encourage the printing of your gallery from box chain stores such as Target, Walgreens, Costco, Walmart, or CVS.  The quality will not be the same and their color grading will not match or be true to color.  It will not give justice to the beautiful image I’ve created for you.  The link to your downloadable gallery will remain active for 3 months, so PLEASE download your images into a safe and secure place! 

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